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KAYAM is the musical duo of siblings Kim and Mike Rauss, playing what they affectionately label Falafel Pop: a fusion of the genres they enjoy, a near obsession for chickpeas and much love.

The siblings enjoyed a cross-cultural upbringing living at various stages in England, Germany and Israel, and the wanderlust they experienced in their early years has no doubt left an impression on their approach to music making and live performance.

Kim sings and plays the Celtic Harp. Mike plays guitar, sings and builds the loops with guitar percussion and the occasional beatboxing. KAYAM’s songs are atmospheric and compelling, offering room for improvisation on stage and a poised studio approach that makes their songs stand out.

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Kontrabass im Konzert


Kontrabass im Konzert

22.04.2024 / 20:00 Uhr / Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, Kleiner Saal

Masterabschlussprüfung von Miranda Erlich Klasse Prof. Božo Paradžik

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